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NOCO Healthcare is the best primary care Fort Collins!  Our primary care practice was founded because we believe patients should be treated as a person, not a unit. Whatever you need we are here to help and if we can’t we will make sure we find who can.

Sheree spent 25 years in healthcare and experienced the shift from care initiatives to unit initiatives. She felt she could give much more back to her community and therefore she took the risk and started NOCO Healthcare. 

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Fort Collins Primary Care

How to Find the Best Primary Care Doctor in Fort Collins

When looking for the best primary care doctor in Fort Collins it usually comes down to one thing – trust. NOCO Healthcare was founded by a member of your community and is a privately owned business. This means, no bureaucracy, no metrics that need to be hit, just, care for you and your family.

Sheree believes so strongly in providing care to the patient that she and her husband, Joe, quit their over 25-year medical careers at large healthcare corporations to start NOCO Healthcare and provide exceptional and convenient care to the people of Northern Colorado.

Do you Provide Fort Collins Family Medicine?

Sheree has over 25 years of working in Fort Collins family medicine. Some can say she has seen it all, but working in the healthcare profession, we know better than to say that. Our primary care services are vast we can treat common illnesses, complex illnesses, and perform minor procedures.

We focus on care, trust, and convenience and will remain a private practice so we can provide you with the care you and your family deserve.

Fort Collins Urgent Care

We are your Fort Collins Urgent Care! Do not go to urgent care and see a random provider, call NOCO Healthcare and we will get you into the office the same day and without the wait.

We manage our schedules to have the flexibility to help our patients who need rapid help. Don’t wait an hour in a waiting room, call us and we will work with you.

Pediatric Urgent Care | Fort Collins CO

We have helped so many young families with emergencies we wanted to highlight our pediatric urgent care Fort Collins offering.  Sheree is a young family specialist, with over 25 years of experience working with families and family medicine we know how important it is to find a trusted provider. Our team will listen to you and make sure you receive the care you need.

We provide well care & immunizations, newborn checkups and so much more. If you require fast help without leaving your house look into our virtual visit options.

IV Therapy Fort Collins

We provide IV therapy Fort Collins! We are the most affordable IV therapy provider in Northern Colorado and with a Nurse Practitioner nearby we can modify your IV’s based on your symptoms. We offer the following treatments: Immunity, NAD, Hangover, IV Vitamin Therapy, and custom IV hydration treatments.

Rapid Test | Fort Collins

We provide you a rapid test Fort Collins! We are a same-day COVID testing provider for Fort Collins. Call today or walk-in we can help you with your COVID testing needs. 

What Separates NOCO Healthcare from Competitors like UCHealth, Banner, and Other Large Providers?

We can tell you that we are more caring and easier to receive care but that would be us telling you. How about you read our reviews and see what our current patients have to say?

Your Fort Collins Healthcare Provider

Meet your Fort Collins Healthcare provider. Our Providers are Nurse Practitioners. What does this mean? They obtained a master’s in nursing and can not only provide our initial services but they can assess your symptoms and prescribe the treatments necessary to get you back to 100%

Sheree Montoya Primary Care Doctor

Sheree Montoya

Sheree is a Family Nurse Practitioner that has a background in emergency room and operative care. She has 25 years of experience in healthcare. Sheree looks founded NOCO Healthcare to provide convenient healthcare to Northern Colorado.

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