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Sports Physicals | Greeley

We offer same-day sports physicals, Greeley! Our board-certified provider will provide a physical examination to ensure your child is fit for sports and other activities.

$45 Flat Rate

Sport Physical | Greeley

With over 25 years of experience, our providers are qualified to perform sport physical |Greeley for kids and teens


Review Medical History

We will review your child’s medical history to ensure our exam is complete and comprehensive


Conduct Physical Exam

Sheree has over 25 experience working with children and teens


Perform Labs If Necessary

If labs are necessary we have on-site lab diagnostics or we can send labs out to our partners


Complete Required Forms

We will complete the required medical forms for the athlete


Walk-In's Accepted

We will accommodate walk-ins because we want healthcare to be simple


$45 Self Pay

No additional fees unless labs are required

What is a Sports Physical?

Each year, children will need updated sports physicals, Greeley, in order to take part in recreational activities. Legally, recreational groups must have up-to-date physicals on file to ensure that they can meet all the health and safety needs of all children.

School administrations are required to have your child’s physical on file in order to protect your children throughout the school year. Without an updated physical, you may delay your child’s participation in school, camp, or sports.

The physical allows camp counselors, schools, coaches, and similar staff to lower the risk of communicable diseases and health risks while your child is at school or playing elsewhere. If you need more information, please contact us to see what other services we provide.

Do you require a DOT physical while your child receives a sports physical? We can help!

How Much is a Sports Physical?

How much is a sports physical? Our providers charge $35 for a sports physical. Sheree has over 25 years of working in family medicine. The safety of your child is our primary concern and that is why we wanted to provide an affordable sports physical option for Greeley and the surrounding communities.

How Long is a Sports Physical Good For?

How long is a sports physical good for? Sports physicals are usually good for 1 year, though you probably will have to complete a sports form each season. If there are any changes in your child’s health history, like a fresh injury or you notice new symptoms, you may need to see the doctor before being allowed to play.

How Long Does a Sports Physical Take?

How long does a sports physical take? Typically, 30 minutes. During a sports physical, the healthcare professional will examine the potential athlete in person and review their records or ask questions about their history. This exam aims to confirm the patient’s eligibility to compete in a sport without potential risk from a pre-existing condition. Standard sports physicals include a cardiac screening, a musculoskeletal exam, a vision exam, and an assessment of height and weight.

Where Can I Get a Sports Physical ASAP?

Where can I get a sports physical ASAP? Easy, get a same-day physical exam today by walk-in or schedule an appointment. Either way, you’ll be seen by one of our doctors within minutes of arrival.

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