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NAD Gives You More Energy and Increases Focus

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NAD Infusion Therapy Benefits

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Boost Cognitive Function

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Keep your brain in top condition by experiencing NAD IV therapy.

NAD boosts your memory and cognition, and improves mental clarity by improving neurological function at the cellular level. [1]

Improve Skin

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Improving your skin cells at the DNA level improves your skins appearance and helps with aging or skin damage. [2]

Reduce Pain

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Our patients describe it as feeling “superhuman” after their NAD treatments.

The reason they feel superhuman is because NAD reduces inflamation at the cellular level which reduces pain and improves mobility.

Manage Aging

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Manage aging by repairing and preventing damage at the DNA level. Overtime DNA will become damaged which results in fatigue, decreased athletic performance, and age related ailments. [3]

Boost Energy

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Boost your energy fast! NAD provides your cells with the tools they need to support healthy energy levels and improve your endurance.

Earlier The Better

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Maintain and improve your muscle health with your first treatment.

NAD treatments help your cells reduce inflammation and perform their best and by reducing inflammation it allows your cells to regenerate quickly and properly. [4]

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NAD IV Treatment Explained

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NOCO Healthcare has brought back the small family practice feel while leveraging technology to provide all the services you would have at a larger corporate provider.

NOCO provides IV therapy services because we know the benefits IV therapy can have for overall wellness, illness, and so much more. We believe in IV therapy so much we created an IV Lounge in our office to create a space where our patients can relax and re-energize.

Whether you’re training for a marathon or dealing with chronic illness IV therapy will help you and we want our patients to experience the benefits.

Greeley’s Preferred Primary Care Provider

NOCO Healthcare has brought back the small family practice feel while leveraging technology to provide all the services you would have at a larger corporate provider.

If you are feeling sick, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our provider to determine the root cause of the illness. It is best to treat why you are sick while boosting  your immune system with IV therapy. 

NOCO healthcare is a full service health provider that will do everything in our power to get you back to feeling 100%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Getting The Infusion Hurt?

The simple answer is not really because we use prenatal needles. Prenatal needles are the thinnest needles available, therefore you’ll barely feel anything. 

Can I Schedule A Doctor Appointment With My IV Therapy?

Ofcourse! It is best to compliment your IV treatment with a health checkup to make sure we are treating the root cause of your illness. 

How Long Does  An IV Treatment Take?

We can complete treatments in as little as 30 minutes. On average, the entire experience takes 45 minutes. However, time is treatment dependent. NAD treatments will take longer. 

IS IV Hydration Safe?

IV hydration is extremely safe and is one of the growing methods to boost patients health and wellbeing. Additionally, we have direct access to medical professionals who can assess and treat complex medical issues with IV therapy.