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What is a DOT Physical Exam?

A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination must be conducted by a licensed medical examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. If you go to advanced search and type “Sheree Montoya” you will confirm her listing. Sheree knows the medical requirements and is interested in helping you maintain your livelihood.

DOT Physical Requirements

Only a certified medical examiner can perform the DOT physical exam. The exam includes:

  • Vision test: Drivers must have 20/40 vision in each eye
  • Blood pressure test: Your blood pressure must be below 140/90 with or without medication
  • Lung function Test: If you have respiratory conditions, like asthma, you may need additional testing. We will work with you
  • Neurological Test: The examiner will test reflexes and coordination
  • Movement test: The examiner will test for impairments in your movement
  • Hearing Test: The examiner will test if you can hear a forced whisper

How Much Does A DOT Physical Cost?

Our DOT Physicals cost $85 and, in addition, this includes the federal filing fee. We are a Greeley small business and know how important work is to those who live in Northern Colorado.

DOT Physical Greeley CO
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Why NOCO Healthcare?

We will work with you


Streamlined Exams

As an experienced DOT physical examiner we have been able to streamline your exam making the process convenient, fast, and affordable. 


It's Your Livelihood

We know how important it is for you to maintain a current CDL medical card. We are interested in helping the driver maintain their livelihood. 


Convenient Scheduling

We have easy scheduling so we can get you back on the road. 

Amanda Starr


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wanted to see what would happen with my migraines and general health. Love the way the IV-therapy makes me feel after and for days after. Have continued to do it on a regular basis, AND she comes to you! So amazing! Can’t beat the time saved.

Kortney Martinez


I want to thank Sheree with NOCO Healthcare for traveling to Denver to help my daughter who suffers from migraines. She has her prescription medications that she takes at onset of migraine but this time was just not helping. Sheree came and evaluated my daughter and was able to administer an IV with medication that helped my daughter.  We are so thankful for her and all she does!! Highley recommended IV therapy!!

Rob Claybon


I started using mobile IV therapy for general wellness. My sister was getting married (family only wedding) so I wanted a covid rapid test before hand and after. Sheree came to my house and administered the tests. Turns out she’s a nurse practitioner as well! Thanks for your flexibility Sheree!

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