Mobile IV Hydration Therapy – Ad Ons 

Have a Nurse Practitioner come to your location and provide our Mobile IV Hydration Therapy.

Nurse Practitioners are certified to add blends to the IV treatments to meet your immediate needs. 

  • Proven immune boosting blend of vitamins and minerals
  • We come to you
  • Nurse Practitioner can treat your symptoms

Price Varies

Our Add On Breakdown:

  • $25: Zofran – Helps relieve nausea and vomiting
  • $25: Toradol – Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory
  • $25: Pepcid – Helps with upset stomach

We are certified to assess your symptoms, add necessary add on’s, or prescribe additional medicians. 

Amanda Starr


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wanted to see what would happen with my migraines and general health. Love the way the IV-therapy makes me feel after and for days after. Have continued to do it on a regular basis, AND she comes to you! So amazing! Can’t beat the time saved.

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