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Sports Physical | Greeley

$35 Flat Rate

Sport Physical | Greeley

With over 25 years of experience, our providers are qualified to perform sports physicals for kids and teens


Review Medical History

We will review your child’s medical history to ensure our exam is complete and comprehensive


Conduct Physical Exam

Sheree has over 25 experience working with children and teens


Perform Labs If Necessary

If labs are necessary we have on-site lab diagnostics or we can send labs out to our partners


Complete Required Forms

We will complete the required medical forms for the athlete


Walk-In's Accepted

We will acomodate walk ins because we want healthcare to be simple


$35 Self Pay

No additional fees unless labs are required

Fast & Easy Process

Pre-participation Examinations (PPE)

A PPE helps assure that the athlete is physically ready for their chosen activity such as soccer, track, baseball, or football. Please check with the organizers about their eligibility requirements. 

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