Monoclonal Antibody Infusion | Greeley

Reduce COVID Risk By 70%

Monoclonal Infusion Benefits

We come to you and complete the infusion from the comfort of your home

Reduce COVID Symptoms

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Early monoclonal treatment will reduce symptoms and provide your body with additional antibodies to fight the virus.

Reduce Hospitalizations

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Data shows monoclonal antibody treatments reduce hospitalization rates among high-risk patients by as much as 70%.

Insurance Reimbursement

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We will provide a medical reimbursemnt receipt to you to submit to your insurance. This is accepted by most insurances.

We Come To You

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We will come to you and administer treatment in your home. Our patients usually sit on their couch or favorite comfy chair.

COVID Support

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The majority of our patients who have been exposed to COVID or tested positive for covid will support their bodies by purchasing our Immune Boosting IV Treatment or our Monoclonal Infusion Treatment.

Earlier The Better

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Being mobile allows us to come to you and administer your treatment quickly. We specialize in speed and will do our best to treat you as soon as possible.

Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Explained

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Getting The Infusion Hurt?

The simple answer is not really because we use prenatal needles. Prenatal needles are the thinnest needles available, therefore you’ll barely feel anything. Additionally, our nurses are all emergency or ICU RN’s. This means they know what they are doing.

What Happens When The RN Gets To My House?

Take a seat! We bring all the equipment we need. You simply sit where you’re comfortable and we will do the rest!

Our nurse will check your vitals and ask you screening questions to help ensure the antibody treatment is right for you.  After that initial check it’s just sit back and relax!

How Long Does The Antibody Treatment Take?

On average, it has taken around 2 hours to administer the treatment. When we get to your house we will set up, ask screening questions, and administer the treatment.

How Fast Can You Get The Treatment?

Safety First. We will have our provider contact you and complete screening questions to ensure monoclonal antibody infusion is right and safe for you.

If you are a candidate for the treatment, we will schedule your appointment, during the screening call, and our provider will come to you at the determined time.