Mobile Covid Test | Greeley

Have a Nurse Practitioner come to your location and perfrom a  Rapid Covid-19 Test and obtain results in 15 minutes.

There are many of options out there for COVID-19 testing however none are as convenient as this. If it is not COVID our Nurse Practitioner can help treat your symptoms!

  • Results In 15 Minutes
  • Two Covid testing options
  • We come to you
  • Nurse Practitioner can treat your symptoms


PCR or Antigen COVID Tests

Our Nurse Practitioner will help you determine the best test for you and will answer any questions.

Rapid Tests

1. Rapid tests on the protein of the virus
2. Rapid turnaround time 15 minutes or less
3. Sensitivity 84% which is pretty standard across the board. 
4. Better accuracy if symptomatic or at least 3-4 days post exposure.
5. Cost 125.00
Feel Better Fast

Discounted Vitamin C IV Therapy

With the purchase of a COVID test, receive a discounted Vitamin C IV Therapy treatment

Immune Boost IV Hydration Therapy
Whether you test positive for Covid or don’t feel 100% consider an immune boost using IV Therapy

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